Our motto?
Dream Big Start Small Move Fast!

Based on the beautiful island of Aruba, we are a multi disciplinary and international team of professionals who walk the talk when it comes to creating change for the better; to become more sustainable and resilient.
we created

an online & offline donation platform for one of our clients

In a very short period of time we set up a digital donation platform and raised more than Afl. 1,000,000,- for FPNC, the YMCA, and Ban Uni Man pa Cria nos Muchanan.

families received a food package
Warm meals were delivered for the most vulnerable and elderly
Breakfasts were delivered
for kids at schools

make your organization
future proof!

Who we are

We work on the intersection of social, technical and economic innovation

We oversee worldwide developments and strategically translate them to local and organizational opportunities.

Our why

We feel the urge to create change now!

You can only spend your time once, we made a conscious decision to use our time to create a better place for us all.

How we work

We believe in working with professionals and people with the right mindset.

In order to be as flexible as possible, we work with a very small core team. Depending the project or program, we can grow up to teams of 40 to 50 people on the different islands.

What we do

We bring out the best in each of you!

By helping organizations navigate through transformative processes to make them future proof. From strategic planning processes, workshops, communication, to training, coaching and keynote speeches

Meet the team

We are happy to connect with you!

Bianca Peters

"The Director & co-founder"

Her motto?
Dream, Dare, Do, Share!

Elton Arends

"The Experimenter & co-founder"

His motto?
Design changes everyting!

Nathalie Rietman

"The caregiver"

Her motto?
“I am a bold and powerful woman
with authentic connecting magic!”
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